Calculation of profitability for windfarms

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According to your specifications, the flow of capital will be calculated by us over the whole period of 20 years

Rendite des Eigenkapitals
Einspeisevergütung und Rendite

If at the moment you are not in possession of all data, we can be of help and submit suggestions based on our experience.


Regarding the costs in the right column, you can state the rate of inflation for the course and time of the calculation.


The percental cost increases will be stated when they first occur and then in what time slice.


Further you can choose  for which variants of equity the calculation shall be made.


That way a comparison of different investments is quickly possible.


Also different remunerations will be  considered in the calculation of return of investment.


So you can see at first glance how changes effect the return of investment.

Wir erhalten von Ihnen folgende Vorgaben:


Name des Kraftwerkes


Kaufpreis des baugenehmigten Parkes

Baukosten pro Anlage

Eigenkapital in %







Reparaturen pauschal

Miete u. Versicherung Umspannwerk

Steuerberatung / Bilanz


Nutzungsentgeld Wege



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