Calculation of profitability for windfarms

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Specify your project and we will calculate it

According to your specifications, the flow of capital will be calculated over the whole period of 20 years.


Analyses will be made annually, taking into account all expenditures and operating costs – even cost increases are calculated and individually adjusted.


Extraordinary gain and subsidies will also be accounted for.

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 Einspeisevergütung, wie verändert sich die Rendite und der Return of Invest

Besides the absolute ascertainment, the percental demonstration of the return on equity with the in terms of colour marked return of invest gives you a very quick overview of the course of the project.

And the period of time the equity is bound can instantly be identified.


You are internationally-active?

To prevent communicational deficiencies offer your client the calculation in his native language.

Due to special tools it is possible to confer in a third language without having to be capable of the terminology.

The illustration of the variants of equity allows the direct comparison of return and therefore gives a perfect argumentation to use in conversation with your bank.


The additional graphic of the variants of equity enables to instantly identify the return on the time scale.

Durch die zusätzliche Grafik der Eigenkapitalvarianten sind die Renditen auf der Zeitskala auf den ersten Blick zu erkennen.

In the calculation of variants, different remunerations are also taken in account.

So it is easily possible to adjust the calculation when there will be a change in remunerations.

For a quick overview:


the graphical illustration of the different remunerations enables immediate prognosis of the return.


We provide the analyses in the common international pdf- format.


Ask for a sample analysis and get in contact with us for individual questions and clarification.

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Calculation and remuneration of wind power

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